About CurlyHairGirl

Hi There,

I’m so happy you could stop by and look around. I am a Food Science grad, foodie and wine blogger. I have a lot of fun friends in the wine & restaurant industry who I have met over the past 13 years. It’s my playground and I enjoy traveling to various countries to explore all parts of this industry. Having moved to Europe in 2020, I have a new ease of travel which helps enormously. More available funds for wine & food, right?

I schedule meet ups with the winemakers, taste their wines and enjoy talking about their business. I also enjoy finding great restaurants, passing these great finds on to my friends and family. Many of my friends are too busy to select that “perfect wine” as a special occasion gift, for a party or for their next dinner out. Others find in particular that they don’t have time to try different “daily wines” to drink so they revert to buying the same ones over and over. Sound familar? I’m here for them and you, too. Nothing could be easier than spending my time tasting wines and experiencing great food.

On the subject of wine in particular, if you taste a more diverse collection of wines, you can start to hone in on what flavour profiles you like. Do you enjoy citrus tastes or perhaps some mineralogy in your wines? Or stepping back, do you prefer white to red or rose? I love finding out these data points so that when I come across a great wine, I can think about who would likely enjoy it too. Lastly keep in mind that your taste profile is as unique as you are so have fun with it!

This is my journey and I hope you will follow along.

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Nice to meet you and Cheers!