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Wine.CurlyHairGirl is pleased to accept and certainly encourages your wine or book samples. If you are kind enough to send us your wine or book, here is our promise to you. We taste every sample and we read every book.

If we like your wine or book, we’ll shout about it from the clouds of the blogosphere and via a number of social mediums, industry conferences and the like.  This can also include like-minded frequent social F2F meet-ups or via our daily connection to our growing list of followers on Twitter, Facebook and

If our followers do have a similar palate and love for the wines we recommend, they’ll compliment your winery by purchasing your wines and continuing to follow us.  As well via tweets and tastings we may at times still recommend our followers try some of the wines we may personally not prefer as everyone’s tastes are unique.  If in the off chance we do not enjoy your wine or book we would opt to not post a review.  Our approach is that not everyone enjoys every wine or every book the same and that’s ok.  We respect there are so many diverse approaches to the artistry and efforts of wine making and writing!

Most importantly, we are committed to remaining impartial to the wineries we connect with.



– Chris Jones, Founder Wine.CurlyHairGirl